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don't miss your opportunity to sell

tickety boo sales trainingAre you or your employees missing valuable opportunities for sales while they talk with your customers about the weather?

Weather is the number one topic for small talk in the UK. But small talk could mean your company is missing out on revenue! The 18th century writer Samuel Johnson famously remarked “it is commonly observed, that when two Englishmen meet, their first talk is of the weather.”

In these modern times of challenge in business, it is more important than ever before to maximise the potential of your business through your sales people.

The Tickety Boo Effective Selling programme provides front line sales people across all job roles with practical tools and techniques to capitalise on every customer connection, boosting their confidence to convert sales, creating a positive attitude to selling, and leading to plenty of “ker-ching” moments for your business.

Research shows that those sales people with a positive attitude are five times more likely to make the sale than those without. Coupled with a focus on Return on Investment and exceeding goals and targets, this programme sets you and your business up to succeed.

Throughout this interactive programme, delegates will look at all aspects of the customer sales journey: building deep rapport, creating a positive environment, identifying needs and benefits, heightening desire, overcoming objection, and closing the sale.

On completion of this programme employees can:

Adapt Personality and Behaviour

Employees understand that customers are unique. As individuals they require service to be personalised to their requirements. As sales people we need to adapt to provide these distinctive moments and create memories.

Get The Right Information From Your Customer

If employees do not ask the right questions they will not get the right answers. A couple of well chosen questions will supply the employee with all the relevant information to make a sale quickly and enhance the customer experience.

Know Your Products

As sales people, employees can do so much to create and strengthen the customers’ desire for products. Employees play an essential role in encouraging the customer to purchase what they desire and can fully appreciate how this will enhance excellent customer care whilst increasing revenue.

Ask For The Business and Get It

The customer is relaxed and will be tempted to buy something if employees have asked the right questions, matched all the benefits and helped the customer through the arc of desire. Employees identify that the moment they can now ask for the business without hesitancy is here.

So instead of small talk with your customers on the sun and showers, with Tickety-Boo effective selling the forecast for your business will be a wind of change, money pouring in, sales people who shine and a bright future!

“Tickety Boo has allowed my team to grow and develop their up-selling skills, enabling them to become more confident. Although this has always been an active part of their training, the Tickety Boo team has given them an insight into the grounding and skills to be pro-active and increase our incremental revenue, with a capture rate on dinner reservations now 85% compared to 55% in the previous year.”
Charlotte Harrop, Resort Sales Manager- Turnberry Luxury Collection