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delivering sales effectiveness right to your bottom line

sales training with tickety booAt Tickety Boo Training we work within organisations at various levels to develop a positive, proactive culture of selling and to enhance Sales and Revenue Managers’ and General Managers’ ability to generate proactive sales and increase revenue through their current human resource.

Our mystery shopper test calls and visits are included in the diagnostic stage to allow bespoke interventions to tackle specific challenges. Test calls and visits are also used to measure implementation and transfer of skills into the workplace and to ensure a consistent approach is applied over the organisation. Mystery calls are also used as a tool for individuals to review their capabilities, therefore working to develop themselves through a process of focussed continuous improvement.

National Event Management Hospitality and Catering Provider

Tickety Boo worked with the senior management team through team coaching to develop a strategic plan for sales and revenue, to promote a synchronised approach between sales and operations teams ensuring customer satisfaction and consistency of quality in delivery were maintained through all sales initiatives, and to enhance competency in performance management of all team members to achieve tangible, measurable success in delivery on targets and organisational goals.

In addition, working with front line operators and sales team members through training interventions and 1:1 coaching, Tickety-Boo enabled this client to increase proactive sales, creating an upselling intiative which incentivised team members and created additional point of sale revenue capture.

Sales and revenue processes and procedures were fine-tuned to increase measurability of performance and to allow the creation of a culture of continuous improvement, driven by individuals within the team.

5 Star Visitor Attraction, Accommodation Provider and Countryside Estate

Through working with Tickety Boo, this client evolved from being a reactive, historical results-based organisation into a proactive, revenue-focused organisation which actively promotes departmental cross selling and therefore improve spend per visitor. Team and individual coaching interventions with senior and middle managers were used to develop strategy for change and to identify the steps to changing culture over a gradual transitionary period. Organisational values and mission were developed to serve as a basis for leading change and decision making at all levels.

The creation of competency-based recruitment, induction and training processes enhanced the skill base of human resource within the organisation, allowing managers and supervisors to effectively performance manage this resource. Training interventions with front line operators and team members turned potential sales opportunities into upselling interventions, improving point of sale revenue capture whilst adding value to the customer experience.

Is Tickety Boo’s work over as the change is made? On the contrary, we are working now on creating a designated sales team which will drive revenue and selling in this organisation to the next level – creating a market leader in their particular field. The current and future focus is also on creating a coaching culture where performance management is not a performance but a way of life, and continuous improvement becomes embedded in the organisation and team members’ethos.

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