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develop people within your business..

trainer training with tickety booOur Practical Trainer and Group Trainer certificates offer you a cost-effective way to develop people within your business to design and deliver effective training sessions.

These highly participative programmes provide supervisory staff, management, team leaders and trainers with the necessary skills to design and deliver practical skills on the job training (PTT) and theoretical information (GTT) in an effective style.

Whatever your business, making use of employees’ skills to provide training to others makes financial sense at a time when many of your competitors are looking to control costs through tightening training budgets. Having your own team of skilled trainers means training is applied in your workplace so that, as motivation, capabilities and knowledge levels remain high, there’s no adverse effect on your customer satisfaction. Keeping your business in business!

Trainer Training Benefits

Benefits to the Company
  • Skills and confidence to deliver training programmes for group delivery – saving costs in payment to external training organisations.
  • Tools and structure to design (and/or update) training programmes – saving costs in purchase of off the shelf training products, ensuring changes to legislative compliance are continually met and ensuring your training programmes are unique and completely bespoke to the needs of your business.
  • The GTT training investment would cover the purchase of one externally sourced training date or the purchase of two off-the-shelf legislative training packs, therefore return on GTT investment could be made in the first couple of training sessions delivered or designed.
  • Increased staff retention and less staff attrition. Induction training is key in ensuring training and recruitment expenditure is maximised. The average cost of advertising, selection and recruitment of one operational team member on average wage can be as high as £1800. These hidden costs to organisations often remain unidentified. However, they have a direct impact on profitability and ultimately on service and customer satisfaction.
  • Organisational training objectives can be met effectively.
Benefits to the trainer
  • Increased confidence in delivery of training to a group.
  • Skills and structure to design bespoke training programmes and to update training programmes to ensure legislative compliance and currency.
  • Training objectives are identified and clear measurables on training provision are made.
  • Capacity building, keeping skills and competencies in the company and an increasing sense of job satisfaction and motivation at the same time.

“Thank you for providing such a fantastic training experience when I attended the Group Training Certificate programme. I had a great time and most importantly I have learned skills that I know will help me in my job, which is fantastic! Thank you for providing a really worthwhile learning experience.”
Fiona McPhail HR Manager, Grand Central Hotel, Principal Hayley