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be the best you can be...

improve your performance tickety boo trainingWhat stops you from being the best performer you can be?

There are four kinds of people in the world:

  • People who watch things happen
  • People to whom things happen
  • People who don’t know what is happening
  • People who make things happen
Which kind are you going to be?

There are many different levels you can work on to improve your personal effectiveness and throughout the Tickety Boo Personal Effectiveness programme you will learn techniques to improve your confidence, project a professional positive attitude, receive recognition, and understand other people’s personality, their body language clues and their expectations to ensure better interactions with colleagues and customers.

“I want doesn’t get!”

How often are we told this as children? Sometimes that inner voice stays with us in adult life too and we can resist voicing our opinion or asserting our needs. Through developing your own personal assertiveness you will create win:win situations and improve your powers of persuasion in negotiations. This is helpful when dealing with any situations but particularly in handling complaints and objections to proposals or ideas.

Why did I do that?

Do you find yourself reacting in a way you don’t understand or can’t explain in particular situations or with certain people? It could be that your transaction is experiencing a crossed line, causing you to adapt certain often undesirable traits or creating an imbalance in behaviours. During the Personal Effectiveness programme you will learn through transactional analysis to adopt practices to stay in control of your transactions and behaviour to bring benefit to your personal and professional life.

To quote well known philosopher Yoda: “Do or do not…..there is no try.”

When it comes to your performance, let your curtain call be the best it can be, celebrate your encore in style and silence those critics, internal or external, for good.