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let's celebrate our differences..

our style tickety boo trainingRespect and celebrate our differences…

People are people, and we are ALL different – thank goodness!!

But that means that we all have different ways to engage with others, to learn and to develop. What works for one may not work for another.

“I said ‘what works for me might not work for you’. Weren’t you listening to a word I said?!!” So if you sometimes feel like you are speaking a different language from your colleagues, it could be that you are.

Each person’s brain reacts in a unique way to what happens around it and at Tickety-Boo Training we recognise that in order to be successful in our facilitation we need to engage with everyone by stimulating each of the senses and learning styles.

Music and sound link to mood and can encourage calmness of mind or energy in body. We use music to lift or soothe the tone and we incorporate sound bites and clips to add that extra dimension in our training interventions.

Some people like to do practical tasks rather than theory and our teams’ focus on experiential learning helps delegates to use both the logical and creative sides of the brain, giving whole brain thinking and whole body learning.

If you are down here already and have skimmed the last few paragraphs, it probably means that reading words is not your preferred choice of learning!!

Pictures can say a thousand words, aiding understanding and recall. Did you know that use of colours can increase short term memory by 75% and long term memory by 25%?

It’s all starting to make sense now!!

Our style is different and yet through all the fun, energy and activity, the Tickety-Boo Training team is committed to achievement. And that remains reflected in our results.

We respect different drums for different drummers.