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we are commited to excellence.

Commited to Excellence

At Tickety Boo Training  we respect that just as individuals have needs, wants and desires your business has its own unique challenges.  We are very curious about your business challenges and we are committed to take the time to get to know you; to listen to your challenges and to identify your specific requirements.  This in-depth dialogue will allow us to  really get to know you and your business.  This ensures that we are able to make the best recommendations to help you address your business and people development requirements.

Our bespoke products and services are developed to meet your specific needs.  We strive to work in partnership with you and your team. We aim to develop mutual trust and our integrity will ensure that we make recommendations that  are fit for purpose and we always deliver on our promises.  We recognise that people do business with people they trust.

So meet the team:

tickety boo hot air balloonWe like to think of Annie as the one flying our balloon – not because she is full of hot air, but because she knows exactly where she is going and wants you to come along with her!!

As a trainer, coach and mentor, Annie’s enthusiasm, professional approach and high standards bring lift and direction in every situation, whilst her view is firmly on the results and further opportunities ahead.

Throughout her career, Annie has soared above the competition with her individual approach and her passion for excellence, energising the individuals and companies she works with to raise their performance, raise their ambitions and SOAR above their own and their customers’ expectations.


CompassAnd you could say Stuart is holding the compass. He’s our very own Sat Nav, keeping us on the right path, maintaining our focus and direction.

Stuart has his eye on the detail as he dots the i’s and crosses the t’s.

This ensures we keep on track; delivering the best experiences we possibly can whilst we EXPLORE alternative ways to develop our service to you in this dynamic business world.


Jordana is the fountain of all knowledge and the fabulous filofax of the group – if it’s going to happen you can bet that Jordana‘s had a hand in the planning and making sure that everyone is in the right place at the right time. Ever organised, and a meticulous task-master, very little is left to chance and her to do lists are legendary!


Children's stylish fashionable lacquered jacket , windbreaker wiFiona is the Winner of the Tickety Boo Training Team Anorak award.

In British slang an anorak is a person, who has a very strong interest, perhaps obsessive, in niche subjects. This interest may be unacknowledged or not understood by the general public.” Wikipedia

To say that Fiona is dogged in her search for details would be an understatement!! Fiona’s knowledge in Food Safety Management and HACCP bring specialist skills to the Tickety Boo Training Team and her drive and enthusiasm for quality encourage all to implement safe systems for food management.


First Aid Kit

With her practical skills and knowledge Jan, has our First Aid and infection control training in good health.

Jan’s up to the minute advice and innovative techniques equip our delegates with the confidence to handle the scariest situations effectively and professionally.


Set of Tae Kwon Do Belts isolated on white

Peter C., our expert in Lean Management, joins our management and bespoke programmes to share tools and tips on effectiveness and efficiency. A six sigma Black Belt, he believes it’s all about the process and continuous improvement for Peter. Practice really can make perfect!


As a partner in bespoke programmes for people development and leadership excellence, Peter B. brings depth in understanding of ourselves to therefore understand others. With Myers Briggs profiling, Emotional Intelligence and Belbin Team roles, Peter’s toolkit brings analysis with a human touch.


fire hoseWhen it comes to the hot stuff, Fraser knows exactly what to do.

With over 25 years of practical fire fighting experience and extensive knowledge in fire fighting best practice, he is uniquely placed to help your team prepare and not panic.


Fotolia_77814063_Subscription_Monthly_MOne of Scotland’s most eminent experts in the area of trade licensing, there’s not much Gordon doesn’t know about the subject and, sad as it may seem, Mastermind would be hard pushed to find someone with a better grasp of their specialist subject. It’s this passion and self confessed “licensing geekiness” that makes him perfect for delivering our alcohol licensing courses.


Whatever your needs in people development, the Tickety Boo Team working in partnership with your current resource in HR and Training, Finance and Strategic Development will help you to deliver on your targets and goals and to drive your business forward in a positive and dynamic manner

Our integrity means that sometimes we have to say we are not the best person to help you when your needs are not our specialism. However, we would try our very best to recommend someone who can.

We are pleased to be able to highly recommend our partners as specialists within their particular field:

Mairi Wilkie offers person-centred counselling in safety and confidentiality to tackle issues which you may be facing, helping you to find the answers to ease your distress.

Mairi is approachable, professional and she will immediately help you feel at ease.

If you feel things are getting out of control or you need to regain your perspective please contact Mairi at  Counselling in Scotland


Apparently some clever people have already protected the term “genius” for those fantastic people who can achieve amazing technological feats that us mere mortals struggle to even comprehend! So in recommending our IT support partners Enlinea, we can only tell you that their wizardry is legendary – they make all IT magically easy.

Unlike other IT providers, Enlinea doesn’t try to weave complicated spells or use secret potions – they “spell” it all out in plain language. And best of all, as if by magic, they are there anytime we need them. So guys, thanks for all your hard work in supporting the design and hosting of this website, for keeping our IT working and information secure.EfficiencyCoachPersonalPlanner