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ensuring you meet your legislative requirements

Just because it’s legislation, that doesn’t mean it needs to be boring! We use the same techniques to engage and inspire our delegates on legislative courses as we do on development and leadership programmes, giving you the benefit of peace of mind without going out of your mind.

Food Safety

Our REHIS accredited food hygiene courses at all levels ensure that your customers are happy, your business is profitable and your staff are committed to providing safe food in your business.

Health & Safety

We live in a society of blame and claim. Don’t let your business get caught in this negative approach. Be proactive and face into challenges, giving your staff the necessary health and safety skills and confidence to do the same.

Alcohol Licensing

A new law, and with it fresh challenges and responsibilities for businesses and individuals. We offer Personal Licence Holder and Staff Mandatory Training to ensure you have the cover required to operate cost effectively and legally.

Fire Safety

In comparison to the other UK countries, Scotland had the highest rate of both fatal and non-fatal casualties per million population in fires. Our proactive approach to Fire Risk Assessment Training will ensure that you and your business do not become another statistic.

First Aid at Work

From Emergency Response to Qualified First Aider, our first aid courses ensure your people and your organisation keeps informed and competent in dealing with all First Aid situations