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helping to develop productivity in your team

Team work at tickety booWorking within a team can be rewarding and magnificent, bringing fantastic results. At the same time it can be challenging and complex, bringing frustrations and highlighting differences between individuals.

Henry Ford summed up teamwork completely when he said:

“Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success.”

At Tickety Boo we work with teams of all shapes and sizes, at all levels in business and for all sorts of reasons. Our work can be for short-term, specific events to achieve detailed outcomes, or strategic capacity-building and organisational growth and development over a number of years. We deliver all kinds of solutions to your team’s challenges in the form of team-building events and conference energisers through to coaching over a longer term to enable managers to lead change in their organisation.

Team Coaching Case Studies

A 4 Star Adventure

Working with the management team of this busy and popular visitor centre, Tickety Boo Training has supported the development of a focussed people development project. From identifying competency descriptors in standards of customer excellence, through creating and implementing proactive recruitment and induction training, this management team continues to enhance its process and procedures to support organisational development.

Their ongoing performance management project has also included key developmental skills for managers in trainer training and coaching. Creating a culture of honest feedback and continuous improvement through cross-departmental training, creation and implementation of performance indicators and proactive appraisal, this management team is delivering on their targets whilst increasing positive customer feedback on its visitor experience. Staff retention rate is higher and further expansion will see the team’s capacity increase to meet increased market demand.

It’s a Family Affair

Working within a family business brings a whole new dynamic to teamwork, and it brings challenges. There’s history, there’s emotion, there’s stakeholder conflict and there’s the need to be able to sit down and eat dinner together at the end of the day!

Add that to the challenges of operating a busy organisation and it could lead to some serious “Family Guy” behaviours!

Tickety Boo Training has worked in partnership with this hospitality and retail emporium family team for more than 12 years, helping them to deal with organisational restructure, massive expansion, and journey into the unknown in the shape of new products and services. Working with Tickety Boo Training in developing underpinning process, procedure and strategic focus allows the business partners, with their hands-on approach, to confidently drive their business from strength to strength.

High Profile Service Provider in a Prestigious Facility

When teams work hard all year it’s great to be able to offer them an incentive. However, with budgets being tightened in every business it can be a challenge for managers to justify the expense. A Tickety Boo Team session can provide a valuable team-building experience which encompasses a mixture of socialising, fun and developmental learning with tangible outcomes.

With this client we deliver an annual team energiser which enthuses and delights the team, promotes teamwork and drive for results, and actively deals head-on with challenges in the organisation and barriers to teamwork, creating detailed departmental action plans for the following 12 months. That’s the part Tickety Boo support and then they follow all that hard work with a little social activity and some “dancing juice” – a cost effective solution to team motivation and incentive for team’s who work hard and play harder!

Whatever your team’s challenges, at Tickety Boo Training we make the effort to get to know your organisation and the people so that we can provide the best solutions to meet your needs. Contact us to find out how we can support your team work to achieve success.