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As one of Scotland’s leading training and coaching organisations, our mission is to help you and your team Explore, Soar and Grow.

With many years of experience in people based business, the Tickety-Boo Training team believe that people are the most important resource.

By focusing on people development skills we encourage our clients and their organisations to grow successfully and exceed expectations and targets.The Tickety-Boo Training team share their infectious energy and enthusiasm across the country; enabling organisations to benefit from sustainable solutions.

Developing your people through consultancy, training and coaching interventions; we work in partnership helping you to grow and drive change.

The Tickety Boo Blog

DiSC Profiling: Why It Works

DiSC Profiling: Why It Works

Think about your work day and how you spend it. (We’re hoping you don’t answer with “cup of tea and a Facebook browse“ here!) Chances are, when you break it down, many of your tasks are going to involve other people. Whether it’s managing, training, resolving problems, meeting or emailing, most of our work tasks […]

As Easy as Riding a Bike?

As Easy as Riding a Bike?

Guest blogger Peter Russian from Investors in People Scotland explains the benefits of the sixth generation framework: Someone said to me recently that cycling is the new golf – it’s becoming the sport of choice for men and women alike, and there is no doubt that part of this revolution has been inspired by the […]


Team development doesn't need to be boring, but it does need to be effective. We'll have your team ticking over nicely in no time.

Case Studies

Straight from the horse’s mouth: how this catering manager raced to a successful finish

Straight from the horse’s mouth: how this catering manager raced to a successful finish

Ask David Trotter how he feels after a one-on-one coaching session with Tickety Boo Training and he is frank with his reply. “I feel knackered,” he says. “And my colleagues say the same. When you’ve had a good session you’re tired because you’re continually thinking about yourself and trying to say what you think. But […]

Tricia Fox, Volpa

Tricia Fox, Volpa

It has been often said that ‘cobbler’s bairns’ are the last to get their shoes mended. So when PR & marketing agency head, Tricia Fox, sat in front of Tickety Boo Training in November 2014, it was with a long list of business growth challenges that felt insurmountable. “I’ve always been a clear thinker in […]



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